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Dr. Anna Santucci

University of Rhode Island
Advancement of Teaching and Learning
Hello POD Fam!
I passionately believe in education for liberation and its power to perform better futures into existence. I cherish human connections, collaborative exploration, and the playful adventure of encountering each other authentically, with curiosity and generosity, as we create new meaning together. I am grateful for my life-long learning journeys, beautifully and constantly evolving, like the sea of masks and colors during Carnival season in my hometown Padova (a few miles from Venice, Italy). Throughout my college teaching and educational development experience, I strive to promote learning-centered, evidence-based, and reflective practice across the disciplines. I'm dedicated to nurturing spaces that interrogate power with honesty, value co-creation and sharing of knowledge, and advocate for systemically supporting equitable success for all teachers and learners. My interdisciplinary scholarship and practice focus on fostering justice and equity via critically inclusive pedagogies informed by applied theatre, performance activism, language education, and intercultural teaching and learning. I am also a food enthusiast and an avid board-gamer!