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Cal. State Northridge
Associate Director, Faculty Development
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Ithaca College
Senior Instructional Designer
avatar for Rebecca	Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Instructional Design Researcher and Consultant
avatar for Alec Cattell (he/him)

Alec Cattell (he/him)

Texas Tech University
Associate Director, TLPDC
avatar for Michael Gillespie (he/his)

Michael Gillespie (he/his)

Eastern Illinois University
Director, Faculty Development and Innovation Center ...
avatar for Allison Boye (she/her)

Allison Boye (she/her)

Collin College
Founding Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
avatar for Amanda Irvin (she/her)

Amanda Irvin (she/her)

Columbia University CTL
Senior Director, Faculty Programs
avatar for Amy Chan-Hilton (she/her)

Amy Chan-Hilton (she/her)

University of Southern Indiana
Director of CETL
avatar for Amy Hermundstad Nave (she/her)

Amy Hermundstad Nave (she/her)

Colorado School of Mines
Faculty Developer, Trefny Center
avatar for Ariel Siegelman (she/her)

Ariel Siegelman (she/her)

Temple University, Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Lead Digital Media Specialist

Aryn Bartley (she/her)

Lane Community College
Faculty Professional Development Coordinator, Faculty in Writing and...
avatar for Ashley Long (she/her)

Ashley Long (she/her)

Parker University
Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning | Quality...
avatar for Caroline Boswell (she/her)

Caroline Boswell (she/her)

University of Louisville
Faculty Development Specialist
avatar for Christina Bifulco (she/her)

Christina Bifulco (she/her)

Rutgers University
Associate Director for Teaching & Learning Analytics

Claire Barrett (she/her)

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Healthy Academics Manager
avatar for Dana Hayward (she/her)

Dana Hayward (she/her)

Brown University
Assessment Fellow, Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning
avatar for Emily Daniels Weiss (she/her)

Emily Daniels Weiss (she/her)

Carnegie Mellon University
Senior Teaching Consultant
avatar for Francesca Minonne (she/her)

Francesca Minonne (she/her)

Boston College
Assistant Director, Graduate Student Programs
avatar for J.A. Carter (she/her)

J.A. Carter (she/her)

University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College
Canvas Leader; Assistant Professor of Sociology

Jeanne Andreoli (she/her)

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Assistant Director
avatar for Katherine Farrar (she/her)

Katherine Farrar (she/her)

Harvard Graduate School of Education
Pedagogy and Assessment Specialist
avatar for Kayleigh O'Keeffe (she/her)

Kayleigh O'Keeffe (she/her)

University of Pennsylvania
Postdoctoral Researcher
avatar for Megan Frary (she/her)

Megan Frary (she/her)

Boise State University
Coordinator for Graduate TA Support
avatar for Megan Mittelstadt (she/her)

Megan Mittelstadt (she/her)

University of Georgia Center for Teaching
avatar for Meghan L. Cook (she/her)

Meghan L. Cook (she/her)

Purdue Northwest
Postdoctoral Fellow
avatar for Monique N. Colclough, PhD (She/Her)

Monique N. Colclough, PhD (She/Her)

Belk Center for Community College Leadership & Research
Director of Teaching & Learning Engagement
avatar for Susan Parry (she/her)

Susan Parry (she/her)

Hennepin Technical College
Philosophy Faculty
avatar for Suzanna Klaf (she/her)

Suzanna Klaf (she/her)

Columbia University
Associate Director
avatar for Libby Roderick (she/hers)

Libby Roderick (she/hers)

University of Alaska Anchorage
Director, Difficult Dialogues Initiative
avatar for -Julian -L'Enfant

-Julian -L'Enfant

Saint Mary's University
Educational Developer; Adjunct Professor
avatar for Christopher Adamson

Christopher Adamson

University of South Dakota
Education Technology Integrationist
avatar for Tracie Addy

Tracie Addy

Lafayette College
Associate Dean of Teaching & Learning
avatar for Joachim Agamba

Joachim Agamba

Nevada State College
Instructional Designer

Allison Alcorn

Illinois State University
Professor of Musicology

Jessica Alexander

Instructional Consultant
avatar for Ian Althouse

Ian Althouse

Columbia University
Senior Assistant Director, Graduate Student Programs & Services
avatar for Susan M Altman

Susan M Altman

Middlesex County College
Professor, Director - CELT
avatar for Stacey Anderson

Stacey Anderson

California State University Channel Islands
Assistant Professor of English & Composition Director
avatar for Vanessa Doriott Anderson

Vanessa Doriott Anderson

North Carolina State University
Senior Director of Professional Development Programming
avatar for Shelley Arnold

Shelley Arnold

Utah State University
Instructional Coordinator

Wendy Athens

Utah Valley University
Senior Director
avatar for Daphna Atias

Daphna Atias

George Washington University
Educational Developer

Meg Van Baalen-Wood

University of Wyoming
Instructional Designer/Lecturer
avatar for Laura Baecher

Laura Baecher

Hunter College, CUNY
avatar for Stefanie Baier

Stefanie Baier

Michigan State University
Director, Graduate and Postdoc Teaching Development
avatar for Scott Baine

Scott Baine

East Mississippi Community College
Faculty Development/Instructional Design Coordinator
avatar for Maha Bali

Maha Bali

American university in Cairo
Associate professor of practice
avatar for Alex Bannigan

Alex Bannigan

UNSW Sydney
Head, Academic & Education Focussed Development
avatar for Lauren Barbeau

Lauren Barbeau

University of Georgia
Assistant Director, Faculty Development & SoTL
avatar for Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry

University of Notre Dame
Senior Director
avatar for Tracy Bartholomew

Tracy Bartholomew

University of the Arts
Director for Learning Assessment and the Center for Teaching &...

Robert Bartsch

Center for Faculty Development
Program Director
avatar for Jae Basiliere

Jae Basiliere

Northern Vermont University
Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

Josie Baudier

Georgia Highlands College
Director, CETL
avatar for Shelly Bayer

Shelly Bayer

South Dakota State University
Director of Multicultural Affairs
avatar for Breana Bayraktar

Breana Bayraktar

Northern VA Community College
Assoc. Prof
avatar for Sarah Beal

Sarah Beal

University of Cincinnati
Graduate Assistant

Anna Bedford

St Mary's College of Maryland
Teaching & Learning Associate
avatar for Ruth Benander

Ruth Benander

University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College
Instructional Designer
avatar for Jim Berger

Jim Berger

Georgia College
avatar for Barb Bird

Barb Bird

Taylor University
Dean of Faculty Development
avatar for Michael Blum

Michael Blum

College of William & Mary
eLearning Specialist and Program Manager
avatar for Sarah Bodbyl

Sarah Bodbyl

Colorado School of Mines
Faculty Developer
avatar for Sarah Boesdorfer

Sarah Boesdorfer

Illinois State University
Teaching Scholar in Residence, Center for Teaching, Learning, and...

Linda M. Boland

University of Richmond
Associate Provost for Faculty
avatar for Josh Bookin

Josh Bookin

Harvard Graduate School of Education
Associate Director of Instructional Support and Development
avatar for Brenda Boyd

Brenda Boyd

Quality Matters
Senior Academic Director: Program Services

Taylor Boyd

Van Andel Institute Graduate School
Director of Assessment & Professional Development
avatar for Deborah Breen

Deborah Breen

Boston University
Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
avatar for Bee Brigidi

Bee Brigidi

Simon Fraser University
Educational Developer
avatar for Jamiella Brooks

Jamiella Brooks

University of Pennsylvania
Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
avatar for Erika Brooks-Hurst

Erika Brooks-Hurst

Texas Tech University
Director, Institute for Inclusive Excellence
avatar for Johnathan Broome

Johnathan Broome

University of Southern Mississippi
Associate Director, CFD and Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry

Chas Brua

Penn State
Instructional Consultant

Kimberly Bryant

University of Mount Olive
Associate Dean for Faculty Development & Assessment

Dr. Brandy Bryson

Appalachian State University
Director of Inclusive Excellence

Megan Burnett

University of Toronto
Associate Director, CTSI
avatar for Amy Burtner

Amy Burtner

Monroe Community College

Dr. Chris Cain

Coordinator of M.Ed. Programs, Integrated Education Program and the...
avatar for Riley Caldwell-O'Keefe

Riley Caldwell-O'Keefe

Amherst College
Pedagogical Design
avatar for Kim Calebs

Kim Calebs

Online Learning Manager

Katina Camargo

Universidad del Norte
Pedagogical Consultant
avatar for Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell

New Mexico State University
Associate Provost for Academic Administration
avatar for Carie Noel Cardamone

Carie Noel Cardamone

Tufts University
Associate Director CELT

Casey Carroll

University of South Carolina
Instructional Designer
avatar for Kim Case

Kim Case

Director of Faculty Success
avatar for Alicia Cassels

Alicia Cassels

Robert Morris University
Instructional Designer

Sarah Castricum

Boston College
Assistant Director, Faculty Programs
avatar for Joshua Caulkins

Joshua Caulkins

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott Campus
Director, CTLE
avatar for Christopher Chen

Christopher Chen

Columbia CTL
Senior Assistant Director
avatar for Natalie Chow

Natalie Chow

University of Waterloo
Faculty Liaison
avatar for Arcadia Le Vias Chukwudifu

Arcadia Le Vias Chukwudifu

Cal State LA
eLearning Specialist
avatar for Teresa Cisneros

Teresa Cisneros

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Talent Development Manager
avatar for Anoff Nicholas Cobblah

Anoff Nicholas Cobblah

University of Michigan
Graduate Student
avatar for Kristin Cole

Kristin Cole

Otterbein University
Assessment and Special Projects Librarian
avatar for Julie Coltharp

Julie Coltharp

Ozarks Technical Community College
Dean of Online & Faculty Development

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